Liz Andersen holds a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources and management, however she no longer works in that field. Liz answered a calling on her life to go into ministry with a focus on identity.

Liz is passionate about women understanding "whose they are" and "who they are" so that when the storms of life come, they will be anchored into a foundation that is not shaken through Jesus Christ.


Her passion includes her relationship with Christ, leading and supporting woman in their journey, and working with the broken (wife). She oversees a family business and the ministry in which she founded called From Prodigal to Princess  

This ministry aligns with her passion to walk alongside women in their journey helping them discover their identity. 



Raised in Fresno, California  Liz Andersen came to know and accept Christ as her Savior in the third grade at church camp (Camp Sugarpine) in the mountains of Oakhurt, California.


Liz's testimony speaks of God's pursuit and goodness on her life as she experiences the pain of abandonment, identity questions, fear, parental co-dependancy, and infidelity. Today she is a military wife, girl mom, ministry founder, blogger, entrepreneur and speaker.

Being a military wife shepherding the hearts of her three girls is the biggest blessing she has been given. 


Identifying who you are and whose you are.


When asked who we are, so many of us define ourselves within the titles we are given (wife, mom, friend, sister, CEO, ministry leader, pastor).


These titles hold a false security when it comes to our identity.


What happens when these titles lose their credibility?

Who are we then?

What foundation do we stand on?

How can we be okay when

the storms of this life

come and shake our


Which daughter are you?

The power of identifying your purpose and place within God's Kingdom. Luke 15:11

Are you on a prodigal journey

(ready to come home)

Are you tending the fields and serving the master?

(a heart mentality of thriving vs. striving)

Thriving and investing

(serving your calling)

Why God takes us the long way around

(Exodus 13:17)

The journey

(when the road is long and hard)

The purpose of the journey

(the surrender of will)

The pain of the journey

(the hardship builds strength, endurance, God confidence, and a testimony to tell)

The redemption of the journey

(glorifying God and

retelling the story)

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