What Voice is Your Heart Listening To?

I am currently sitting and typing to you from my long barn style table in my dining room a message I thought I could get out to you via Instagram, but quickly felt that this message needed more space to elaborate and lean into Gods word a little more than the room Instagram gave me. Any writers out there? I am sure you can relate; you sit down just to write a little heart note to your readers and realize the struggle is real and you just created enough content for a message, not an Instagram post. Come on Jesus, take the stage and speak to our hearts today. 

Today, it seems that “we” people are overtaken by all the things. These things distract our time, interfere with our intentions and prolong our purpose. The screams of our daily schedule hold us captive to all the things, and then we become robotic and dazed by the long list of to-dos. We go about our day tasking and checking the boxes, not doing anything with passion and purpose. Yet, we wonder why we feel empty?

Why do we fill our calendars? What is the purpose? Why, do we say “Yes” to all the things that feel like thorns in our side instead of giving us peace in our hearts. What intention does our heart say “Yes” with? Does our yes, have eternal value?

Validation! You and I, more times than not are seeking validation that we are… fill in the blank; a good mom, a great wife, a good volunteer, a great Christian. Because if “They” see me doing all the “things” then they will believe I am a good mom, a great wife, a good Christian. If I am viewed at having it all together, then I must have it all together. But do you? Do any of us, have it all together? We are so focused on what “they” think that we can’t see the bars around us that validation actually builds, and then wonder why we feel imprisoned in this life. Worldly validation keeps us from experiencing the true gift of Gods grace and mercy. It can’t be earned, nor should we try to earn it. 


Who are your “they” and if they are people, why do they get room to question you and then validate you? It took me a lot of time and some tears to realize who “they” were, and it was shocking at the amount of time I allowed it to rob me from walking into the purpose and passion God had for me. You CAN NOT serve the validation of people and God together. It’s like when we were three and we took the square block and tried to shove it into the circle hole… you just can’t, it will not work. 

John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” 

When we realize that God is the only one that gets a say in our lives, we quickly become free, not imprisoned by the ideas of others. When we can identify the lies of the enemy, then we can walk in Gods freedom, opening ourselves up for what He wants to do in us and through us.

Friend, validation came over two thousand years ago and He (Jesus) died on the cross to once and for all validate us (John 3:16).  When you are a child of God, when you came home to the father at the place of surrender, you were validated. So now let me ask you again, whose validation are you seeking? Who are you giving permission and power to speak into your life? Why are you striving? 

There are very few that I give the space to speak into my life. My tribe of women is small, but this tribe speaks to me from a place of love, wisdom and godly hearts. They love fiercely yet have the space and permission to question my heart, motives, and intentions if they feel led to and I would trust their judgement. However, I have given up and been set free, as I only seek Gods validation in my life. I recognize that I am not going to make everyone happy and I may lose some friends along the way, but I am living a life free in Christ. And my passions and purpose are now clear, and my “Yeses” are less but my agenda has eternal value and my burden is light (Matthew 11:30)

From Prodigal to Princess ministry is here to love you and accept you in the space that you are in. It’s a ministry that will challenge you, pray for you, and be that friend who speaks into your life the promises God has for you. If this message today resonated with you, or you know of others that might benefit from this message, please feel free to share with your social media community.    

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