Welcome Friend!

Today is the start of Website Launch Week. I am so glad you are here with us and so excited to share this space with you. May it be a place that you feel invited and welcomed to come as you are. My prayer is that God uses this space to encourage you in the place that you are, equip you for the place that you are going or provide rest from the place that you have been. 

What better way to welcome you to this website and this space that God has graciously provided, then by praying for you, our reader and friend. If I was speaking at an event or you invited me to your small group or women’s ministry and you asked me to pray, this is exactly how I would pray for you. 

My Heavenly Father, 

I thank you and I am humbled by the opportunity to sit in community with these women. Lord as your Word says, when two or more are gathered in your name you are present and Lord, we are asking you to breath on these women in this space. God for when they leave may they be transformed by a renewing of their heart, mind and spirit. I wait with an expectant heart to see your work before us. You made a way for this ministry and opened doors from once was a mere ink stain on paper.  And we bring our thanks for what you will do in the lives of your children.  

God, I pray that she will feel your love. That the words spoken are not my words, but your words Lord. I call for your Holy Spirit to be present within my writing and on my lips and may ALL words that come out of my mouth not be my own thoughts or opinions but words that bring life, speak of your truth and are honoring to you Lord.  

Father, I pray for each woman that passes through this space, that a seed would be planted. That each woman would see themselves as you see them beautifully and wonderfully made created with such a purpose. Lord, equip her with your truth that she will know Who she is and Whose she is, that when the storms of life come, she will not be shaken. Give her rest if she comes with a tired heart and restore in her a renewed energy.  

Lord I thank you for this calling and for this ministry. May we never forget the sacrifice of your son Jesus and I thank you for His death and victory over death in His resurrection. May we always remember your great love for us and walk boldly and fearlessly through this life seeking your will and provisions. 

-In Jesus Precious Name


Well God’s got it from here, sister! I pray this newfound space will be a community where you feel welcomed, call home, and bring a friend over. We just want to be sisters who sharpen one another. Leave a comment introducing yourself and telling us where you are from. We as a new ministry which was just birthed shy of a year ago, covet your prayers for clarity, discernment, wisdom and direction. I am sure I never want to wander the desert for 40 years. I always want to be ready and open to the Lords leading and obedient to His calling. I am so humbled you are here and excited to encourage you and love on you from this place. 

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