The Three Gifts A Mom Can Give That Will Forever Keep Giving - 3rd Gift

Friends, it is the last day of our 3-day series; The 3 Gifts A Mom Can Give, That Will Forever Keep Giving. I hope this series has spoken into your heart and maybe you have taken a pearl from it or maybe you have some insight to add, as we love to hear from the hearts of our readers, so please share. 

Being a mom is nearly the hardest job I have ever done. The days can be long, yet so short at the same time. These little humans God has entrusted us with, did not come with individual instruction manuals. The Bible, however, can be a great place for guidance. These little humans and big humans if you are a mom of teens, are so unpredictable. Right when you think you got this mothering thing down; these sweet little ones snatch a toy from a friend or stomp down the hallway slamming doors. That’s about the time, I ask out loud, what am I doing wrong?  The same lips that uttered just 15 mins before, God, I think I am getting the hang of this mothering thing. God is so good, he meets me in my cries, and He whispers, "you are right where you are supposed to be. These girls were hand picked and delivered to you because I knew you could be the exact mama they needed." Oh, God I am glad you have such faith, because some days I know I survive on your grace, mercy, and coffee (lots of coffee). 

The third gift I can give my girls, that will keep on giving, is the gifts of grace and mercy. The exact gift God gives me as a wife, mother, friend, and human. God calls me to extend grace and mercy to my girls in times that are not warranted. The definition of mercy is stated like this, compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is undeserving. This third gift was not my original third gift in this blog series. My third gift was going to be a spot/position on Team Andersen. We are a sports enthused family, from girls that play soccer and softball to a family that enjoys Monday night football. My girls understand the importance of a team and how important their position is on Team Andersen. However, when I sat down to write this, God put on my heart the word mercy and grace. I can’t say I even have enough background to teach on this subject, because I am pretty sure I fail more times than not to extend grace and mercy to my girls in times its warranted. It can be so easy to get caught up in the emotion of chaos, that we forget to extend mercy in place of punishment. Daily, I am changed by this gift that God gives me 7 times over. On the days that I extend mercy to my girls, are usually the days of teachable moments which prove more valuable, than crazy mom losing control. It’s so funny how I sat down to write on something I believed I had wisdom to speak on and God in his perfectness adjusted my path to teach us both. Friends be encouraged that gift number three is something I am still working on and God is still teaching me wisdom within this area. Be encouraged friends that I am a mom of three girls, surviving within organized chaos and running on God’s grace and mercy. And, a good cup of coffee! 

Let’s be real, this job is not for the lighthearted. It can be messy yet rewarding. It can be selfless yet filling. These three gifts will forever keep giving, because the very gifts we give will live on in the life of our child. As we pray and teach our kids to pray, they will go on to be warriors for their own families. As they claim their identity, they will also claim that for friend, family and then their own.  As we extend grace and mercy, they to will extend grace and mercy in times that are underserving. These three gifts are powerful, as they can change the very foundation of a family and the giving of them can go on through the generations. 

Let me leave you with, Ephesians 2:4, But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in out transgressions- it is by grace you have been saved. 

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