Open Letter to Kanye, Come Break Bread at Our Table

Dear Kanye,

You are invited my brother, come break bread at our table and tell us of your story. We would love to be introduced to your family and allow us to share in a time of Thanksgiving and celebration as another heart has come to Him.  As a part of the body of Christ, let us encourage you in your walk and love you in this season you are in. Allow us to pray for you in your daily struggles and serve you from a place of love and kindness. 

Our home is humble, but our table and our hearts are praising God for your salvation in Him and would be honored to sit around the table as families and enjoy in fellowship together.

Just as Paul would reference in his letters to the Christian church in the Word of God; “grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” I thank my God every time your name falls on my ears, because the work done by our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father was no accident and will be used to reach the unreached, to love the unloved, and to bring light into darkness.

God can take the ashes of our lives and use them for beauty and we all come from a place of ashes at some point. So, my brother, come eat at our table and let us love you and your family for who you are, children of God.


My heart is breaking, as some believe they have the right to question your intentions. I am sorry the body of Christ has been divided and some of us have stumbled over judgment instead of leading from a place of love. May the body of Christ be stretched and challenged, and may God use you, Kanye, to break the chains of stigmas. God does not operate from a place of race, gender, age, culture, financial status and/or generational labels. God operates from a place of Power and Authority over all and gives us freewill to come to Him. 

As a sinner, I have no place to judge you or your walk or question your intentions, but I do as your sister in Christ have a responsibility to pray for you, love you and invite you in. God is the Lord of this universe and all passes through His fingers and All will be used for His glory regardless of the mindless chatter from others. 

So, my invite stands - our hearts and home are always open. We are a military family of five, stationed in Chesapeake, VA and we would be honored to break bread with you. Our style of music is Christian with some added country. Our understanding of pop-culture is a little on the weak side, but our home and table is full of love, funny stories, and some chaos. We are an imperfect family who loves Jesus, we also come from a place of ashes and we are on a beautiful adventure seeking the heart of Jesus.  Our Jesus is the same as you sing about on your latest release of King Jesus and that alone bonds us together as family. 

May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with Your Spirt (Amen)

Your Sister in Christ,

Liz Andersen