The Three Gifts A Mom Can Give That Will Forever Keep Giving - 1st Gift

When people find out I am a mom of three girls ranging from 4 years old to 16 years old, its not uncommon to be flooded with questions. I get questions from, “how do I navigate life with a teenager,” to “how do you instill in them self-confidence?"  Some question the complexity of raising girls that are in different seasons, yet still bonded as sisters. These questions most of the time make me chuckle. I explain in the most grace filled way that at the end of the day I am mentally spent from trying to stay one step ahead of my teenager, who I am pretty sure thinks is smarter than me on most days - to running around physically chasing down a four-year-old who has no concept of keeping both feet on the floor and chooses to run, jump, climb on “all the things” that are made not for that purpose. Then there is my sweet Vannah, who gets stuck with the title of the middle child, and daily we emotionally unpack the view of the glass half full vs. half empty based on her birthing order. After the normal day on the compound of Team Andersen (also known as our home), I crawl into bed with not much left to give and then become spiritually exhausted as I pray, and brain dump all the things mentioned above on my Heavenly Father. If tomorrow is promised, I will need all the wisdom and grace to start over again. 

I bet I am not much different than you, Right? I mean we are all mamas navigating this season of life and hoping we are doing it right. At the end of the day all of us are tired, stretched thin and sometimes challenged by a teenager or a toddler. I might have girls that are all over the spectrum of age but girlfriend we are all navigating uncharted waters and it can be scary. I do have three (which I think gives me a little wisdom) which then might qualify me to talk on the issue of motherhood. Maybe, like I did from mothers who have gone before me, you can take a pearl or two from my experiences as a mama and just maybe it will help you along your journey. So, after my long elaborate answer above about being mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted,  I will really begin to unpack with you my friend, the gift of being a girl mom or any mom for this occasion and the three gifts I/we can give in return. 

 My first gift or weapon in my arsenal is PRAYER… oh ladies if you know me, or have followed me for any amount of time, I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I acknowledge that I am no match for the enemy, who is always looking and scheming for ways to devour our children through worldly perspective, comparison, and technological advances. Nothing has brought me to the cross faster, then the scary realization that God has entrusted me with His children. It’s a humble honor, not to be taken lightly. However, at the end of the day I live on God’s grace, mercy and a little bit of coffee and I pray. My prayer for them looks something like this…

Dear Father,

Allow my girls to see their self-worth through the value of your eyes. Cultivate their gifts and the talents you have blessed them with and allow them to walk boldly into the calling you have for them, never fearing. Lord, allow these girls to see their identity in you alone and not in the lies of this world. Lord, give them a heart of discernment to know right from wrong and instill in them the wisdom of your Holy Spirit. May they always know whose they are, and in that they will know who they are in you, Father. Prepare me to be their mother and meet their individual needs as you have called me. Lord allow this home, their home to be the foundation that teaches your word and puts you above all. -Amen

Now let me clarify, this prayer is not said nightly. It is however the prayer of my heart within my journal writings as well as in my quiet times. This is prayed over them on the nights we pray together before bed and instilled in them in the moments they are questioning their purpose. As a mother of girls, I know the greatest gift I can give them, is the gift of battle - suiting up with the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10) and going to battle through prayer for them and their future. They will not always be in our home, under our wing and even in our nest… so I know without a doubt that the prayers said for them and over them will go before them on their journey ahead. And in my prayers alone, I can rest assured the Lord hears my cries and will intercede on their behalf.  

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