I am excited that you are here. From Prodigal to Princess Ministries was created just for you. It was from my many valleys, as well as mountain tops in which God showed me His love Remained... in places that I traveled He was always there. He was in the pits of my deepest despair, and He was on the mountain tops of my greatest journeys. 

I believe God created Divine appointments in our lives to meet us with exactly what we need in the time we need it. So my prayer is that this ministry can be a place where you feel loved, encouraged, and equipped with your own journey.

You may be a fellow sister looking for those iron sharpening sisters to run this rce with you. Maybe you feel so far away from God's love and you need to be reminded that God (your Father) is anticipating your return and there is room at His table for you. The there are my friends that just need help because the place of broken has them unsure of the journey ahead and they jus need to be reminded that God's love REMAINS even in our broken. There is so much hope in Jesus, my sister. So let's sharpen one another. 






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