Joy is possible again after marital betrayal. Hope is within reach. And our identity in Christ remains secure for all of eternity. 

My testimony speaks of God's pursuit and goodness on my life as I experienced the pain of abandonment, identity questions, fear, parental co-dependancy, and infidelity. Today I am a military wife, girl mom, ministry founder, blogger, entrepreneur and speaker.

Hello Friend, 

If I had it my way, we would be meeting in a local coffee shop for some much-needed girl time. Or if it was a good day and the house was tidy, I would invite you into my favorite spot in my home which is the long barn wood style dining room table, that sits at the foot of a large window overlooking our front yard and offer you a warm cup of coffee or your drink of choice. But since many of you are from all over the country, I will have to settle for this space (a space in which was created with you in mind and to feel like Home).